Ted Talk!

March 4, 2014

I was mentioned in this rad ted talk.  Check it out!



Co-op Show

February 9, 2014

IMG_8281 IMG_8284


Come see my River Animals Series at the Riverwest Coop.  They are up until March 1st.  Contact me if you want one.

My River Wildlife on Panel series is on display at the  Menomonee Valley Urban Ecology Center located at  3700 W. Pierce St. Milwaukee, WI 53215 

For these works I experimented with homemade egg tempera paint and a mud or clay egg mixture.  I built the wood panels and incorporated the natural wood grain into some of the pieces.  In the past I have used acrylic paint and latex sealant for my mud stencils on panel.  I am excited that I can now make my works on panel completely non-toxic as well.  In the process of researching natural paints I discovered that there a quite a few options for non-toxic interior house paints.  They are usually milk or clay based paint.  I think that natural paints for art use has a lot of potential. 

a_salmon_sm a_owlp_sm a_morel_sm foxp_sm duckp_sm  deer_smheron_sm

I recently posted some of my river animal stencils with Shannon Molter, an inspiring Milwaukee artist.   We put them up on a very fitting location, the Riverside Park Urban Ecology Center. The stencils were on a exposed wall so they were quickly washed away in a rain storm the next day.  I will have to get more up soon.  I like them better outside then on panel.  I enjoyed using some white clay slip in addition to my regular dirt and found clay.  
IMG_5004 IMG_4999 IMG_5005

Milwaukee River Animals

September 16, 2013




I have work up at Studio Lounge in Bay View.  I made some mud stencils on Panel that celebrate Milwaukee River wildlife.  I used homemade egg tempera on hand built wood panel. I’ll post some photos of the work once I take down the show.


Moving in

August 8, 2013


I recently made this print for a portfolio on the theme of disaster relief.  Suburban sprawl, human invasion and over consumption is the disaster.  The relief is the return of the wildlife that we have forced out.



Suburban sprawl across my living room floor

New Stencil

July 19, 2013

americas racism

I made this stencil last week after the George Zimmerman was acquitted.  I was disappointed but not surprised that the the all white jury thought that the murder was not race related.  Part of white privilege is being able to ignore race.  I have been hearing about more and more hate crime murders in which the perpetrator walks free.  This is our unjustice system.

Bike Head Badges

July 7, 2013

misccute animals bike badge sad turtle

These are handmade etched copper head badges formed to fit your bike.  They are available for sale at coast in bikes http://www.coastinbikes.com/  I can also make custom head badges upon request. email me at jessegraves@gmail.com

Riverwest Co-op

June 12, 2013

I currently have work up at the Riverwest coop cafe.  I am displaying my mud stencils on panel. Images of some of them are under the mud on panel page.


art teacher example show

April 18, 2013

WDA poster

Should have posted this way sooner.  I recently co-curated a show with Jason Ludtke.  We are also starting a blog.  Check it out! whatdidartdo.com


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