Save Wisconsin

I’m not the best at keeping my blog updated but I have been making a lot of work recently!  If Scott Walkers proposed budget repair bill is passed Wisconsin will be turned on its head and set a precedent for the direction of several other states.  The bill proposes to make all state workers except police and firefighters pay for half their pension, drastically cut funding for public schools and universities, mandate up-to date address on voters ID’s, eliminate unions collective bargaining rights, eliminate recycling, and many other terrible things.  I could rant but I recommend just reading the bill and madison newspapers.  The conservative media has been working hard to skew reality and manipulate public perception.  Fox news claimed there were violent protests in Madison.   This could not be further from the truth.  I have been to the capital several times and it could not be a more peaceful protest. There are Firefighters, police, teachers, other union workers, and workers from the privet sector, standing in solidarity against this bill.  People are sharing food, music and anything else they have.  Our state will be a mess if this bill passes lets keep fighting.


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