UEC Art Show

Come to the UEC Sunday April 1st for this art show!  I am not familiar with Joan’s work but I will be displaying new and old mud stencils.  I Printed these pieces on painted wood panel.  Most materials I used (Paint, Wood, Sealant) were found on curb-sides and next to trash cans!


Honeybee Mural

Honeybee Mural For True False Film Festival

Thanks to Paul Kjelland for helping create the mural, Nicolas Lampert for helping organizing the trip and driving,  and of course Paulina from True False for inviting us!  More images of this mural at mudstencils.com

True False Film Festival. Influencing Machines

Another amazing True False Festival.  I was invited a second year in a row to teach a mud stencil workshop and create a mud mural.  The sidewalk stencils above were for the workshop.  Participants could select a stencil of an influencing media machine, and a word to create new meaning in public space.  True False happens every year in Columbia Missouri, it shows some of the most innovative independent films of the year and incorporates visual art and music.   Visit Justseeds.org to see the work made by fellow Milwaukee artist Nicolas Lampert and Paul Kjelland who also attended the festival.