True False 2013

These photos are from the mud stencil mural that Morgan Herum and I led in Columbia Missouri.  We designed and cut the stencils, made a simple sketch, and invited folks to stencil with us.  Thanks to everyone who stenciled with us in the 28 degree weather!




The army ants connect to this years festival theme – Collaborative Architecture of the Impossible.  Army ants work together and actually use their bodies to create architecture.




The photos below are from the mask making workshop that Morgan Herum and I led, and the March March! parade the masks were made for. We made 300 letterpress prints of some relief carvings we did, brought them to Columbia Missouri, and invited folks to help us cut, decorate and pass out the masks.  Special Thanks to Lee Elementary School, Lee’s awesome art teacher, and all the folks that helped make and wear the masks.



The Print Designs are inspired by African termites, social weaver birds and honeybees.  These animals work together to create amazing architecture.



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