Uprisings: Images of Labor


If you are in the Milwaukee area, this show is a must see.  I do not have work in it but will be presenting at the gallery on Saturday March 23rd at 9:00 AM.  Come to any or all of these lectures.  They are free and will be inspiring.

Justseeds artist talks, presentations, discussions, and workshops –in conjunction
with the SCGI conference
Union Art Gallery
(UWM student union – campus level)
2200 E. Kenwood Blvd, Milwaukee, WI
free and open to the public

Friday, March 22nd

9:00-9:40 Pete Yahnke Railand, (Milwaukee, Justseeds)
“Changing Landscapes: The Friends of the Orphan Signs, New Mexico”

9:50-10:30 Dylan A.T. Miner (East Lansing, MI, Justseeds)
“Welcoming Practices, Practicing Welcome: Socially Engaged Art in and With Indigenous Communities”

10:40-11:20 Favianna Rodriguez, (Oakland, CA, Justseeds)
“Migration Now! How Artists Are Engaging in the Fight for Migrant Rights”

11:30-12:10 Roger Peet, (Portland, Oregon, Justseeds)
“Printernational: Collaborations and Print Projects for Ecology and Solidarity in Indonesia and Democratic Republic of Congo.”

12:20-1:00 Colin Matthes (Milwaukee, Justseeds, MIAD)
“Essential Knowledge: A Series of Instructional Posters Teaching Basic Skills for Success in Challenging Situations.”

1:10-1:50 Nicolas Lampert (Milwaukee, Justseeds, UWM)
“Justseeds and Iraq Veterans Against the War: Collaborating with printmaking, street art, and mud stencils”

2:00-2:40 Lane Hall / Lisa Moline (Milwaukee, UWM)
“The Overpass Light Brigade: A View From The Bridges”

2:50-3:30 Shaun Slifer, (Pittsburgh, Justseeds)
“I Brake for Historical Markers: Some Strategies for Asserting Our Histories on Permanent Chunks of Metal”

3:40-4:20 Meredith Stern, (Providence, Justseeds)
“Hear Us Roar: Surviving Contemporary Patriarchy through Creative Subversion”

4:30-5:20 Kevin Caplicki / Josh MacPhee, (Brooklyn, Justseeds)
“Exploring the Relationship Between Cultural Production and Social Movements: The Interference Archive in Brooklyn”
Saturday, March 23rd

9:00-10:00 Jesse Graves (Milwaukee)
(workshop) Mud Stencils: Eco-Graffiti How-to-Workshop

10:00-10:40 Josh MacPhee, (Brooklyn, Justseeds)
“Signal: A Journal of International Political Graphics and Culture”

10:50-11:30 Erik Ruin, (Providence, Justseeds)
“What Does Utopia Look Like?”

11:40-12:20 Drew Cameron (San Francisco, Iraq Veterans Against the War)
“The Combat Paper Project: Paper, Pulp, and G.I. Rights to Heal”

12:30 – 1:10 Kim Cosier (Milwaukee, UWM)
“Kids Talk Back!: Toward a Radical Rethinking of Art Education”

1:20 – 2:00 Mary Tremonte, (Pittsburgh/Toronto, Justseeds)
“Bandana as Signifier: Where Hanky Code, Labor, and Migrant Rights Meet”

2:10 – 2:40 Bec Young, (Pittsburgh, Justseeds)
(workshop) “Printmaking Health: Stretching 101 for Printmakers”

2:50 – 3:30 Paul Kjelland, (Milwaukee, Public House, Riverwest 24)
“Visualizing Community Engagement: Graphic and Cultural Organizing in Milwaukee”

3:40 – 4:20 Favianna Rodriguez, (Oakland, CA, Justseeds)
(workshop) “Cultural Organizing 101: Workshop for Organizers on How to Design Graphics for Movements”


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