Pollinators and Fungi

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This series of mud stencils celebrates the amazing beauty and significance of insect pollinators and fungi through the medium of earth. The intention is to promote understanding and exploration of the interconnectedness that pollinators and fungi create in nature. Pollinators move pollen which is necessary for the fruiting of plants and reproduction. Mycelium moves water, nutrients and can even send messages between plants to alert them to pests. Each pollinator mud stencil is scaled up by roughly 10 percent. The select pollinators and fungi species in this series and are just a small representation of the incredible diversity of these groups. Each of the millions of varieties of pollinators and fungi play important functions in the web of life and all are threatened by human activity. Humans do not need to desecrate natural spaces, we can instead transition to a way of life in which we improve the health of natural environments. Please explore the resources below and consider how to support fungi and pollinator diversity.
This series is primarily inspired by Paul Stamets research involving pollinators and fungi. Please watch the first video posted below .Paul Stamets has several books and many more videos as well.  The other links provide more more information and reflect other inspirations for this series.


fungi play role in plant communication

Native Bees

Native Pollinators

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