Save Seeds

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Artist Statement

Seed Savers are container jewelry pieces that house the seeds of food crops collected from sustainable farms and gardens.  Their forms reference dried up seedpods; their function represents the method in which humans have traditionally domesticated plants.

Selecting the best seeds by hand is a process that has been practiced since humans began farming roughly 12,000 years ago.  This selection of seeds has directed the evolution of millions of diverse crops that sustain the human race. With the advent of genetically modified (GM) seeds, seed patents, and terminator seeds, the act of saving seeds is threatened. The Monsanto Corporation sues farmers who intentionally or unknowingly save Monsanto seeds.  They have a team of “seed police” that trespass on farmers’ land to sample crops and collect evidence of supposed patent infringements.  If the farmer’s crops are found to be resistant to Round-Up (Monsanto’s  patented herbicide) and were not bought from Monsanto, the farmer will be sued.  Crops resistant to Round-Up do not necessarily even come from Monsanto.  Non-GM crops can develop a resistance to Round-Up if they have cross pollinated with GM crops, farmers may not even be aware of this until they are sued. When farmers cannot save seeds, they are dependent on the company they buy from.  This is one of the reasons why so many farmers are in dept today.

The Seed Saver Series on the surface expresses the beauty of nature’s cycles of death and rebirth.  As the containers are opened to reveal the precious seeds within other questions may arise.  Why make an object to hold seeds?  Why is saving seeds so important?  These pieces are designed to be beautiful and provocative.   As their meaning is explored further they can come to represent a resistance to corporate controlled industrial agriculture.  If Monsanto is left unchecked and improperly regulated as it currently is, these seedpods will be emptied because there will no longer be a natural cycle of death and rebirth.  Our food will instead come from a gross industrial process of death and propagation of the artificial, resulting in unhealthy chemically drenched landscapes and bodies.



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